Ready is a 2008 telugu action romantic comedy film

The film starts with Raghupathi (Nassar) being presented as the eldest of his three siblings – the other two being Raghava (Tanikella Bharani) and Rajaram (Vajja Venkata Giridhar) and sister Swarajyam (Rajitha) and her better half (Chandramohan) with Chandu (Ram) as the main child of Raghava and sole inheritor of the property of ‘R S Brothers’. Chandu designs the elopement of his cousin Swapna (Tamannaah) with her sweetheart (Navdeep) because of which he is removed from the house and is disengaged from his family by Raghupathi. Be that as it may, Chandu tries to re-set up joins with his relatives, yet without any result. In the mean time, on the most recent day of his school, Chandu and his companions meet their companion “Google” Gopi (Ravi Varma) who is discouraged in light of the fact that his sweetheart is getting hitched to another person. Chandu chooses to stop the marriage and offer her to Gopi. Be that as it may, they abduct Pooja (Genelia D’Souza) rather than Gopi’s better half because of a mixed up personality. In the wake of being pursued by a few law breakers – who are after Pooja – they escape except for Chandu and Pooja who wind up in backwoods. Chandu succumbs to Pooja who additionally responds her emotions.


In the wake of discovering that her closest companion is not around the local area, Pooja chooses to remain in Chandu’s home camouflaging herself as devotee of Raghupathi’s profound master. Chandu is likewise invited back in his family. When he was going to propose to Pooja, Chandu becomes more acquainted with about the genuine character of Pooja. She is a NRI who came to visit her warring maternal uncles Peddinaidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Chittinaidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Them two attempt to drive her into marriage with their particular children to take a few to get back some composure on her property she acquires. Chandu chooses to change them before wedding Pooja. He joins their reviewer “McDowellf” Murthy (Brahmanandam) as his right hand. Murthy acquaints Chandu as his nephew with both Peddinaidu and Chittinaidu. At the point when gotten some information about Chandu’s involvement in examining, Murthy misleads them that he used to be a reviewer in America to nonexistent siblings “Chicago” Subba Rao and “Dallas” Nageswara Rao.


Chandu controls Murthy’s interesting thought and makes his uncle Raghupathi and his dad act like Chicago Subba Rao and Dallas Nageswara Rao individually. Swarajyam’s better half and Rajaram act themselves like the companions of Pooja’s folks and make Peddinaidu mull over his child’s marriage with Pooja after they purposely deceive him that her folks took an advance of 100 crores from World Bank. Chittinaidu additionally chooses to cancel his child’s marriage with Pooja after Chandu plays a trick on him that Chicago Subba Rao’s little girl has more property than Pooja. After some diverting wanders aimlessly, Chandu and his uncle Raghupathi realize a positive change in both Chittinaidu and Peddinaidu and Pooja weds Chandu after her uncles give their assent.

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