Ninnu Kori starring Nani and Nivetha Thomas

There’s a scene in Ninnu Kori where Uma Maheshwara Rao (Nani) tries to revive his past recollections with Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), much to the inconvenience of the last’s significant other Arun (Aadhi). It’s frosty on the hillock regulating the horizon of San Francisco and Uma is marginally intoxicated.

He says that he can’t resist the urge to talk reality. After a point, Pallavi, who has had enough of Uma’s steady yakking about their past, slaps him and leaves the spot. After a minute, Uma cries. So does Pallavi, while Arun tries to comfort her. It’s a powerful minute in this cut of-life dramatization which constrains the watcher to grapple with what cherish means and how to manage misfortune.

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