How to link Aadhaar with PAN card using online site, SMS before June 30 deadline ends

{The federal government|The us government} of India has made it mandatory to web page link the12 digit UID {quantity|amount} with your PAN {cards|credit card|greeting card}. The Supreme Court {exceeded|approved|handed} a judgement on {06|Summer|August} 9, 2017 stating that all Aadhaar card must be {associated with|connected to|related to} PAN before June 30, if you have an Aadhaar {cards|credit card|greeting card}. If you don’t have one, you can relax easy. The PAN {credit cards|playing cards|greeting cards} will become invalid if you don’t link your Aadhaar card with it.

This means that there {are just|are merely} two days {remaining|still left|kept} for linking process. The government has made Aadhaar a must for {submitting|processing|declaring} tax returns and by linking it with {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE}, it should keep a check on tax forestalling through use of multiple use of PAN {credit cards|playing cards|greeting cards}. However, people who do not fall under the tax limit are also required to link their cards to ensure that {they cannot|they don’t|they just do not} lose their {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE} cards. Those card that are not liked to UID after June {35|40|31} will be made {incorrect|unacceptable|broken}. There are two ways to link your Aadhaar with PAN card. The linking {can be carried out|can be achieved|is possible} either by an SMS or through the Tax department’s e-filing website

The only exception to this {guideline|regulation|secret} right now are people who do not have the Aadhaar number. The Supreme Court, which {noticed|observed|read} a challenge to the government rule, had {previously|before|previous} said {that folks} who {don’t have|might not have|you don’t have} Aadhaar card don’t have to {have one|purchase one} just to link it with {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE} card. For such people, their Aadhaar {will never be|are not} invalidated. However, {for folks} who already have the Aadhaar {cards|credit card|greeting card} it is mandatory to link it with {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE}. Or else, their {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE} card will be {considered|regarded} invalid and they will not be able to use.

{Upgrade|Revise|Post on}: Although the government {experienced|got|acquired} earlier claimed that not linking Aadhaar number with a PAN card will make the PAN {cards|credit card|greeting card} invalid, now there is {a written report|a study} that it is not so. Not {connecting|relating|backlinks} Aadhaar will not lead to invalidation of the PAN card, say {reviews|information|studies}. However, do not that {although you may|in case you} don’t link Aadhaar and PAN together, citing Aadhaar number is {required|obligatory|necessary} {so that you can|that you can} file tax {earnings|results|comes back} from July 1 ) If you don’t want to quote Aadhaar {quantity|amount}, file your returns today that is June {35|40|31}.

So if you {come with an|provide an|offer an} Aadhaar number and a PAN card, here is how you can web page link them together.

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SMS: To link your Aadhaar with PAN card through {TEXT MESSAGE|TEXT|TXT}, type UIDPAN <SPACE> <12 digit Aadhaar> <Space> <10 digit PAN> and send it to 567678 or 56161.

Tax website: Visit the link and enter your {SKILLET|BAKING PAN|GRIDDLE} card number, Aadhaar {Quantity|Amount}, your name on Aadhaar {accompanied by|then|and then} a captcha code. Click the Link Aadhaar button at the below and your cards are linked.

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