Ready is a 2008 telugu action romantic comedy film

The film starts with Raghupathi (Nassar) being presented as the eldest of his three siblings – the other two being Raghava (Tanikella Bharani) and Rajaram (Vajja Venkata Giridhar) and sister Swarajyam (Rajitha) and her better half (Chandramohan) with Chandu (Ram) as the main child of Raghava and sole inheritor of the property of ‘R S Brothers’. Chandu designs the elopement of his cousin Swapna (Tamannaah) with her sweetheart (Navdeep) because of which he is removed from the house and is disengaged from his family by Raghupathi. Be that as it may, Chandu tries to re-set up joins with his relatives, yet without any result. In the mean time, on the most recent day of his school, Chandu and his companions meet their companion “Google” Gopi (Ravi Varma) who is discouraged in light of the fact that his sweetheart is getting hitched to another person. Chandu chooses to stop the marriage and offer her to Gopi. Be that as it may, they abduct Pooja (Genelia D’Souza) rather than Gopi’s better half because of a mixed up personality. In the wake of being pursued by a few law breakers – who are after Pooja – they escape except for Chandu and Pooja who wind up in backwoods. Chandu succumbs to Pooja who additionally responds her emotions.


In the wake of discovering that her closest companion is not around the local area, Pooja chooses to remain in Chandu’s home camouflaging herself as devotee of Raghupathi’s profound master. Chandu is likewise invited back in his family. When he was going to propose to Pooja, Chandu becomes more acquainted with about the genuine character of Pooja. She is a NRI who came to visit her warring maternal uncles Peddinaidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Chittinaidu (Jaya Prakash Reddy). Them two attempt to drive her into marriage with their particular children to take a few to get back some composure on her property she acquires. Chandu chooses to change them before wedding Pooja. He joins their reviewer “McDowellf” Murthy (Brahmanandam) as his right hand. Murthy acquaints Chandu as his nephew with both Peddinaidu and Chittinaidu. At the point when gotten some information about Chandu’s involvement in examining, Murthy misleads them that he used to be a reviewer in America to nonexistent siblings “Chicago” Subba Rao and “Dallas” Nageswara Rao.


Chandu controls Murthy’s interesting thought and makes his uncle Raghupathi and his dad act like Chicago Subba Rao and Dallas Nageswara Rao individually. Swarajyam’s better half and Rajaram act themselves like the companions of Pooja’s folks and make Peddinaidu mull over his child’s marriage with Pooja after they purposely deceive him that her folks took an advance of 100 crores from World Bank. Chittinaidu additionally chooses to cancel his child’s marriage with Pooja after Chandu plays a trick on him that Chicago Subba Rao’s little girl has more property than Pooja. After some diverting wanders aimlessly, Chandu and his uncle Raghupathi realize a positive change in both Chittinaidu and Peddinaidu and Pooja weds Chandu after her uncles give their assent.

Nuvve Nuvve is a Gud film

Anjali (Shriya Saran) is the daughter of a millionaire Vishwanath (Prakash Raj) who loves his daughter very much. So much that he even buys her an Icecream Parlor when his daughter asks him for an ice cream. What Vishwanath expects is a son-in-law who will never oppose him in any matter. Rishi (Tarun) hails from a middle-class family. His father, played by Chandramohan, owns a department store. He is a good-hearted but happy-go-lucky guy. Anjali happens to join the college in which Rishi is a senior. Soon, they fall in love with each other. On one occasion, Rishi takes Anjali to Mumbai for dinner. Anjali tries to shake off the issue with her father, saying that she was with one of her friends. But unfortunately, Vishwanath calls that friend up when Anjali was missing. He tells him that Anjali went to Mumbai with someone called Rishi. This is enough for Vishwanath’s suspicion to rise that Anjali has fallen in love. He asks Rishi to prove his worth and asks him in some way to earn any money so that he can support Anjali, who he has brought up in riches. When Rishi refuses to comply, he gives Rishi one crore rupees to forget his daughter. Rishi takes it and then later gives it back, insulting Viswanath, and tries to prove that his love is greater than everything and money can’t buy his love. To retaliate, Vishwanath insults Rishi’s family by getting a beggar for marriage with Rishi’s sister to try to convey to them the pain he must feel. Rishi then creates a scene in Viswanath’s office beating up security guy and destroying computers in the office, Rishi clarifies that in the proposal that beggar be married to Rishi’s sister there is no love between the two, but Rishi and Anjali love each other. Anjali starts to show more feelings for Rishi. Worried, Vishwanath tries to set Anjali’s marriage with another guy. Anjali meets Rishi at his home and requests him to marry her right at the moment, but Rishi convinces Anjali that this is not the right way. Rishi takes her back to her home, there Rishi challenges Vishwanath that if getting Anjali married to some one else is right then that marriage can’t be stopped, but if it is wrong then that marriage cannot happen. Consequent incidents make Vishwanath realize his mistakes and the arranged marriage fails while viswanath marries Anjali to Rishi.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie story

At the point when Raj meets Simran in Europe, it isn’t all consuming, instant adoration yet when Simran moves to India for an orchestrated marriage, cherish makes its essence feltWhen Raj (Shahrukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol) initially met on a between rail occasion in Europe, it wasn’t precisely Love at first sight yet when Simran is reclaimed to India for an organized marriage, things change. Energized by his dad Dharamvir (Anupam Kher), Raj chooses to fly down from London to not simply win his Bride but rather her entire family and the endowments of her dad Baldev Singh (Amrish Puri)

New spider species named after Harry Potter character

Potterheads, observe! A wolf creepy crawly crab species has been named after Aragog – a monster, talking 8-legged creature from J K Rowling’s prominent dream Harry Potter arrangement. Analysts, including those from University of Tehran in Iran have named the freshly discovered arachnid ‘Lycosa aragogi’ which has a one inch long body (barring the legs), with two dark and three white stripes of setae, or hairs, on its abdominal area.

The 8-legged creature additionally has dark setae on the extremities by its mouth, ‘giving the arachnid an appealling look,’ while its stomach area is secured with high contrast setae. “The animatronic manikin made for the motion picture ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ depended on the life structures of a wolf insect,” said Alireza Zamani, from the University of Tehran.

What foods can really improve your vision?  What foods can really improve your vision?

Each year the number of people with visual impairment is increasing. But how can we help ourselves? A healthy diet is a good answer. Here are some tips what food you should eat in order to improve your vision.

Blueberries and the active components that they contain. They reinforce retinal capillaries, protect eyes from the harmful environmental effects, help to maintain retina and optic nerve nutrition.

Zeaxanthin and lutein. These materials can be found  in yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, cereals, etc. They pause progression of cataract, senile blindness and glaucoma, and help prevent macular degeneration. Lutein is used as an antioxidant and a pigments that absorbs blue light. Studies have shown that lutein is concentrated in a particular part of macular, which is responsible for central vision.

Selenium and zinc. They are powerful antioxidants, zinc helps to absorb vitamin A, and this prevents loss of vision in the dark time of the day. The main source of selenium is grains and meat. A natural source of zinc is meat, cheese, whole grains, beans, nuts, coffee, and tea. A number of zinc is in turkey, crustaceans and molluscs (oysters, shrimps, lobsters), eggs.

Vitamin E and vitamin C. They are necessary for the production of mucus in the eye, they keep your eyes moist and slow down aging. A natural source of Vitamin E is wheat germ, corn, nuts, spinach, olives, asparagus, avocados, corn, linseed, olive and sunflower oil. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions, papaya, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, black currants, strawberries, spinach, and kiwi.

Vitamin A. It helps the retina of the eye to distinguish light and dark colors. Most of it is found in fish oils, butter, egg yolk, as well as cod and bovine liver, dairy products, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, broccoli and other green vegetables, as well as apricots.

Vitamin D. It enhances the natural visual acuity and strength. This trace element is abundant in fish oils, eggs, butter and cheese, meat, egg yolk, salmon. Our body also produces it if we stay in the sun. therefore, in winter it is recommended to use extra vitamin D.

Vitamin B2. It is necessary for conjunctiva. Excessive eye sensitivity to light may indicate a lack of vitamin B2. This vitamin is mainly found in leafy vegetables, buckwheat, wheat, brewer’s yeast, meat, fish and dairy products and eggs.

Omega-3 fatty acids. It prevents eye dryness. It is recommended to eat northern sea fish – salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, tuna. Fish can be replaced by fish oil. Other sources of omega-3 fatty acids are walnuts, dark green leafy vegetables, and flaxseed oil.

Prolonged breast-feeding ups risk of severe dental cavities

Bosom bolstering at age 2 or more established builds a tyke’s danger of extreme dental caries when they’re 5, autonomously of how much sugar they get from nourishments, analysts say.

To explore the impact of delayed breastfeeding on kids’ teeth, Karen Glazer Peres of the University of Adelaide in Australia and associates examined information on 1,129 kids conceived in 2004 in Pelotas, Brazil, a group with an open fluoridated water supply.

Breas-tfeeding data was gathered during childbirth and when youngsters were 3 months, 1 year and 2 years of age. Sugar utilization information was gathered at ages 2, 4 and 5.

Heartburn drugs tied to greater mortality

On-screen character Nelsan Ellis, best referred to for his part as Lafayette Reynold’s on HBO’s hit arrangement “Genuine Blood,” passed on all of a sudden this week at 39 years old. The fan-most loved battled with medication and liquor manhandle for a long time. The correct conditions of Ellis’ passing were shared by his administrator, Emily Gerson Saines, who affirmed that his demise was an aftereffect of heart disappointment following an endeavor to stop drinking all alone.

The simplicity and low cost of overseeing detox and restraint at home can be enticing to people who battle with habit, yet the procedure, if done rapidly and without proficient supervision, can be risky, even lethal.

Actor’s Death Spotlights Risk in Detoxing Alone

Actor Nelsan Ellis, best known for his role as Lafayette Reynold’s on HBO’s hit series “True Blood,” died suddenly this week at the age of 39. The fan-favorite struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for many years. The exact circumstances of Ellis’ death were shared by his manager, Emily Gerson Saines, who confirmed that his death was a result of heart failure following an attempt to quit drinking on his own.

The ease and low expense of managing detox and abstinence at home can be tempting to individuals who struggle with addiction, but the process, if done quickly and without professional supervision, can be dangerous, even fatal.

There’s a scene in Ninnu Kori where Uma Maheshwara Rao (Nani) tries to revive his past recollections with Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), much to the inconvenience of the last’s significant other Arun (Aadhi). It’s frosty on the hillock regulating the horizon of San Francisco and Uma is marginally intoxicated.

He says that he can’t resist the urge to talk reality. After a point, Pallavi, who has had enough of Uma’s steady yakking about their past, slaps him and leaves the spot. After a minute, Uma cries. So does Pallavi, while Arun tries to comfort her. It’s a powerful minute in this cut of-life dramatization which constrains the watcher to grapple with what cherish means and how to manage misfortune.

Opposition guns for BJP after attack on Amarnath Yatra pilgrims

A day after the fear assault on Amarnath yatris, resistance parties have hammered the BJP government for its inability to deflect the occurrence and called for contemplation on why it occurred “in spite of propel knowledge inputs”.

“We, the pioneers of the restriction parties, unequivocally denounce the fearful and awful psychological militant assault on the Amarnath yatris. We stretch out our most profound sensitivities to the groups of the casualties and remain with them in this hour of pain.

“This is an assault on humankind. This is an assault on the majority and differing qualities of India. This is an assault on the human esteems and Kashmiriyat. We call upon the administration to utilize every one of the assets at its charge to bring the genuine brains and culprits of this barbaric demonstration to equity,” read a joint explanation issued by 18 resistance parties driven by Congress.